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Memorandum of agreement


卖方应随时通知买方该船之确实船期并应提供买方 201510 5 日的船舶交船准备的书面通知,确定交船日期后,应提前 3/1 天提供书面通知,在指定地点进行干坞/水底检查交船。

当船舶抵达交船地并依合约之规定完成交船准备后,卖方应给予买方完成交船准备的书面通  知。经纪人通过邮件或传真发送通知书。

交船时卖方将交船文件作为本合约附录一起移交给买方和出具由买卖双方代表签订的交船   协议同意书原件, 但是应在船舶各项交船准备按照合约规定做好的 3 个工作日之内出具并且依据条款 5 提供准备通知。




从中国南方到中东是单航次航行, 买方负责由买方作为所有人的该船的重新注册,办理单航次航行中所需要的法定证书并支付费用。


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  • 行业知识保险单中制裁条款的约定

    Joint Excess Loss CommitteeRoom358, Lloyd’s, One Lime StreetLondon EC3M 7DQTel: (+44) 020 7327 3333 Fax: (+44) 020 7327 4443  Enquiries to:   Neil Roberts    Direct Dial: 0207 327 8375neil.roberts@lmalloyds.comJX2011/0017th November 2011   Sanction Limitation and Exclusion Clause  Members will be aware that following the release of the Joint Hull Committee Clause, other areas of the market adopted the wording with their particular class reference.  Members of the reconstituted Joint Excess Loss Committee have agreed that the wording should be circulated and made available under a JX reference for use where appropriate within the marine reinsurance market. A copy of the clause, referenced as JX2011/001, is attached and is available for immediate use. It should be recognised that in some cases, for instance Cuba, use of the clause could contravene EU blocking or similar legislation.      Neil RobertsSecretarySanction Limitation and Exclusion Clause No (re)insurer shall be deemed to provide cover and no (re)insurer shall be liable to pay any claim or provide any benefit hereunder to the extent that the provision of such cover, payment of such claim or provision of such benefit would expose that (re)insurer to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom or United States of America.

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    求购4500到6000之间的加油船,有加温设备可以装沥青的。建造于201 6年后,带有首侧推功能的。有意向请联系李经理:13705982839

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    光租或期租一条40~42米船宽外贸航线甲板船。要求:租期一年,主机有重油系统,单台功率不小于2200KW 远东至南美航线。 联系人: 伍剑

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  • 行业知识印度港口认可的 IG P&I 以外的商业PNI 公司

    Sr. No.Name of the Non-IG Insurance Companies

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    船东公司招聘启示: 1.机务主管或者机务助理1-2名 2.工作地点:上海 3.公司运力10条+,要求:轮机长或者大管或者二管证书 英语四级 “全球航线。 简历投放地址 wechat:13564749982

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    INSTITUTE PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY CLAUSESHULLS - TIMEThis insurance is subject to English law and practice1 PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY1.1 The Underwriters agree to indemnify the Assured for any sum or sums paid by the Assured to any other person or persons by reason of the Assured becoming legally liable, as owner of the Vessel, for any claim, demand, damages and/or expenses, where such liability is in consequence of any of the following matters or things and arises from an accident or occurrence during the period of this insurance:1.1.1 loss of or damage to any fixed or movable object or property or other thing or interest whatsoever, other than the Vessel, arising from any cause whatsoever in so far as such loss or damage is not covered by Clause 8 of the Institute Time Clauses Hulls 1/10/83 with 4/4ths substituted for 3/4ths.1.1.2 any attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of any fixed or movable object or property or other thing, including the wreck of the Vessel, or any neglect or failure to raise, remove or destroy the same1.1.3 liability assumed by the Assured under contracts of customary towage for the purpose of entering or leaving port or manoeuvring within the port during the ordinary course of trading1.1.4 loss of life, personal injury, illness or payments made for life salvage1.1.5 liability under Clause 1(a) of the current Lloyd's Standard Form of Salvage Agreement in respect of unsuccessful, partially successful, or uncompleted services if and to the extent that the salvor's expenses plus the increment exceed any amount otherwise recoverable under the Agreement.1.2 The Underwriters agree to indemnify the Assured for any of the following arising from an accident or occurrence during the period of this insurance:1.2.1 the additional cost of fuel, insurance, wages, stores, provisions and port charges reasonably incurred solely for the purpose of landing from the Vessel sick or injured persons or stowaways, refugees, or persons saved at sea1.2.2 additional expenses brought about by the outbreak of infectious disease on board the Vessel or ashore1.2.3 fines imposed on the Vessel, on the Assured, or on any Master Officer crew member or agent of the Vessel who is reimbursed by the Assured, for any act or neglect or breach of any statute or regulation relating to the operation of the Vessel, provided that the Underwriters shall not be liable to indemnify the Assured for any fines which result from any act neglect failure or default of the Assured their agents or servants other than Master Officer or crew member1.2.4 the expenses of the removal of the wreck of the Vessel from any place owned, leased or occupied by the Assured1.2.5 legal costs incurred by the Assured, or which the Assured may be compelled to pay, in avoiding, minimising or contesting liability with the prior written consent of the Underwriters.EXCLUSIONS1.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of Clauses 1.1 and 1.2 this Clause 1 does not cover any liability cost or expense arising in respect of:1.3.1 any direct or indirect payment by the Assured under workmen's compensation or employers' liability acts and any other statutory or common law, general maritime law or other liability whatsoever in respect of accidents to or illness of workmen or any other persons employed in any capacity whatsoever by the Assured or others in on or about or in connection with the Vessel or her cargo materials or repairs1.3.2 liability assumed by the Assured under agreement expressed or implied in respect of death or illness of or injury to any persons employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship by the other party to such agreement1.3.3 punitive or exemplary damages, however described1.3.4 cargo or other property carried, to be carried or which has been carried on board the Vessel but this Clause 1.3.4 shall not exclude any claim in respect of the extra cost of removing cargo from the wreck of the Vessel1.3.5 property, owned by builders or repairers or for which they are responsible, which is on board the Vessel1.3.6 liability arising under a contract or indemnity in respect of containers, equipment, fuel or other property on board the Vessel and which is owned or leased by the Assured1.3.7 cash, negotiable instruments, precious metals or stones, valuables or objects of a rare or precious nature, belonging to persons on board the Vessel, or non-essential personal effects of any Master, Officer or crew member1.3.8 fuel, insurance, wages, stores, provisions and port charges arising from delay to the Vessel while awaiting a substitute for any Master, Officer or crew member1.3.9 fines or penalties arising from overloading or illegal fishing1.3.10 pollution or contamination of any real or personal property or thing whatsoever (This Clause 1.3.10 shall not exclude any amount recoverable under Clause 1.1.5).1.3.11 general average, sue and labour and salvage charges, salvage, and/or collision liability to any extent that they are not recoverable by reason of the agreed value and/or the amount insured in respect of the Vessel being inadequate1.3.12 earthquake or volcanic eruption.1.4 PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT1.4.1 prompt notice must be given to the Underwriters of every casualty event or claim upon the Assured which may give rise to a claim hereunder and of every event or matter which may cause the Assured to incur liability costs or expense for which he may be insured hereunder1.4.2 the Assured shall not admit liability for or settle any claim for which he may be insured hereunder without the prior written consent of the Underwriters.2 LIMITS2.1 Where the Assured or the Underwriters may or could have limited their liability the indemnity under this insurance in respect of such liability shall not exceed Underwriters' proportionate part of the amount of such limitation.2.2 In no case shall the Underwriters' liability under this insurance exceed their proportionate part of the amount insured hereunder in respect of each separate accident or occurrence or series of accidents arising out of the same event.3 DEDUCTIBLE3.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 1 no claim shall be payable under this insurance unless such claim, or the aggregate of all such claims arising out of each separate accident or occurrence, exceeds {Response} in which case this sum shall be deducted.3.2 Excluding any interest comprised therein, recoveries against any claim which is subject to the above deductible shall be credited to the Underwriters in full to the extent of the sum by which the aggregate of the claim unreduced by any recoveries exceeds the above deductible.3.3 Interest in recoveries shall be apportioned between the Assured and the Underwriters, taking into account the sums paid by the Underwriters and the dates when such payments were made, notwithstanding that by the addition of interest the Underwriters may receive a larger sum that they have paid.4 NAVIGATIONThe Vessel has leave to dock and undock, to go into graving dock, to sail or navigate with or without pilots, to go on trial trips and to assist and tow vessels or craft in distress, but it is warranted that the Vessel shall not be towed, except as is customary or when in need of assistance, or undertake towage or salvage services under a contract previously arranged by the Assured and/or Owners and/or Managers and/or Charterers without the prior written agreement of the Underwriters.  This Clause 4 shall not exclude customary towage in connection with loading and discharging.5 TERMINATIONThis Clause 5 shall prevail notwithstanding any provision whether written typed or printed in this insurance inconsistent therewith.Unless Underwriters agree to the contrary in writing, this insurance shall terminate automatically at the time of5.1 change of the Classification Society of the Vessel, or change, suspension, discontinuance, withdrawal or expiry of her Class therein.  However where such change, suspension, discontinuance or withdrawal of her Class has resulted from loss or damage covered by Clause 6 of the Institute Time Clauses - Hulls 1/10/83 or which would be covered by an insurance of the Vessel subject to current lnstitute War and Strikes Clauses Hulls - Time such automatic termination shall not operate5.2 any change, voluntary or otherwise, in the ownership or flag, transfer to new management, or charter on a bareboat basis, or requisition for title or use of the Vessel.  However, in the event of requisition for title or use without the prior execution of a written agreement by the Assured, such automatic termination shall occur fifteen days after such requisition whether the Vessel is in port or at sea.6 BREACH OF WARRANTYHeld covered in case of any breach of warranty as to cargo, trade, locality, towage, salvage services or date of sailing, provided notice be given to the Underwriters immediately after receipt of advices and any amended terms of cover and any additional premium required by them be agreed.7 ASSIGNMENTNo assignment of or interest in this insurance or in any moneys which may be or become payable thereunder is to be binding on or recognised by the Underwriters unless a dated notice of such assignment or interest signed by the Assured, and by the assignor in case of subsequent assignment, is endorsed on the Policy and the Policy with such endorsement is produced before payment of any claim or return of premium thereunder.8 DUTY OF ASSUREDIt is a condition of this insurance that the Assured and their servants and agents take such measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimising a loss which would be recoverable under this insurance.9 RETURNS FOR CANCELLATIONTo return pro rata monthly net for each uncommenced month if this insurance be cancelled either by agreement or by the operation of Clause 5 provided that a total loss of the Vessel, whether by insured perils or otherwise, has not occurred during the period of this insurance or any extension thereof.10 WAR, STRIKES, MALICIOUS ACTS AND NUCLEAR RISKS PARAMOUNT EXCLUSIONIn no case shall this insurance cover liability cost or expense arising as a result of the operation of one or more of the following perils:10.1 war civil war revolution rebellion insurrection, or civil strife arising therefrom, or any hostile act by or against a belligerent power10.2 capture seizure arrest restraint or detainment (barratry and piracy excepted), and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat10.3 derelict mines torpedoes bombs or other derelict weapons of war10.4 strikers, locked-out workmen, or persons taking part in labour disturbances, riots or civil commotions10.5 any terrorist or any person acting from a political motive10.6 the use of any weapon of war, or the detonation of an explosive, by any person acting maliciously or from a political motive10.7 any weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter.20/7/87CL344  © Copyright The Institute of London Underwriters 

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  • 行业知识无单放货- 提单持有人扣船索赔的和解协议

      SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT This Settlement Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made on this ___ day of April 2023. BY AND BETWEEN:(1) The Owners of the vessel “AAAAAA  (hereinafter referred to as “the Shipowners”); and (2) BBBBBBBBBBB (hereinafter referred to as the “Receivers”); and  Each, a “Party” and together the “Parties”. WHEREAS: A. The Receivers hereby warrant and confirm that they are the holder of the first original, second original, third original, negotiable copy and non-negotiable copy of the Bill of Lading bearing No. RC-KDL-18A.B.  The Receivers claimed that 1000 MT of Cargo under Bill of Lading No. RC-KDL-18A was not delivered to them despite presentation of the Original Bill of Lading No. RC-KDL-18A. The Receivers approached the High Court of Gujarat and filed Admiralty Suit No. 6/2023 for alleged misdelivery/non-delivery of 1000 MT of Cargo and claimed a sum of USD 450,000.00 plus interest as compensation and costs (the “Receiver’s Claim”). The Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat by order dated 01.04.2023 passed and order of arrest of the Vessel, towards security for the Receivers Claim.    C. While the Vessel remained under arrest and Admiralty Suit was pending, pursuant to various without prejudice discussions between the Shipowners and the Receivers, the Parties have agreed to amicably settle their disputes on a without prejudice, without admission of liability basis and finalized a settlement sum totalling to US$ 210,000.00______________ (United States Dollars Two hundred and ten thousand only________________) in lump sum as full and final settlement of the Receiver’s allegedClaims. IN CONSIDERATION FOR THE MUTUAL OBLIGATIONS AND PROMISES HEREIN AFTER CONTAINED IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS:(1) In full and final settlement of the Receiver’s Claims, including all interest and all legal costs relating thereto, the Shipowners agree to pay the Receivers the sum of US$ 210,000.00______________ (United States Dollars Two hundred and ten thousand only________________) (the “Settlement Proceeds”). (2) 50% of the Settlement Proceeds shall be made immediately up on execution of the Settlement Agreement and the remaining 50% shall be made within three (3) working___ days from the date of obtaining order of release of the Vessel from the High Court of Gujarat. (3) The Receiver delivery the original Bill of loading to ship-owner via their lawyer : xxxxxx to ship-owner within 1 day  when they received the total sum of USD 210,000.00 .(4) Payment of the Settlement Proceeds will be made to the Receivers, to the account mentioned below [please provide]:                Beneficiary:               Bank:               Current Account number:                SWIFT:               IFSC:               Branch:               Bank Address:  (5) All Parties and signatories hereby confirm that they have all requisites and necessary corporate powers and resolutions and have full authority to execute this Agreement. This Agreement may be signed and exchanged by fax or as attachment of email and shall be binding as such. (6) The Agreement is in full and final settlement of the Receiver’s Claims and any claim arising out of or in connection with the Bills of Lading and in consideration of the Settlement Proceeds, the Receivers and/or their cargo insurers irrevocably agree upon receipt of the Settlement Proceeds to: i) immediately produce this Agreement before the High Court of Gujarat, obtain an order of release of the Vessel and withdraw the Admiralty Suit, unconditionally and no later than 24 hours from the receipt of 50% of the Settlement Proceeds;  ii) Immediately handover the first original, second original, third original, negotiable copy and non-negotiable copy of the Bill of Lading bearing No. RC-KDL-18A and provide anundertakeing in writing stating that the Bills of Lading isare the original Bills of Lading with respect to 1000 MT of theCargo and no other Bills of lading in respect of theCargo are in circulation.  iii) immediately and forever release and discharge the Shipowners, their managers, operators, charterers, agents, master, crewmembers, correspondents, insurers, P&I clubs, sister ships, associated ships and/or any other party interested in the M.V. "AAAA" from any liability for any and all losses, expenses, costs, legal proceedings and/or others arising from and/or in connection with the Cargo carried under bills of lading bearing number  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  dated 03.09.2022 from any other party including but not limited toother B/L notify party and/or their cargo underwriters.. iv) indemnify the Shipowners, their directors, officers, employees, agents, correspondents, insurers, managers, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assignees and all financial entities or other organizations or persons having financial interest in the said Vessel, her charterers, managers, operators and all other persons, firms or corporations having any interest therein or connected therewith and hold them free and harmless for all claims, actions, proceedings, suits, obligations, damages, sum of money, and/or demands of every kind and nature, past, present and future whether arising out of the Bills of Lading bearing number XXXXXXX   dated 03.09.2022 or contract or law or in equity or in tort or in bailment that the Receivers or any other party may bring against the vessel M.V “AAAAA 2”, her sister ships, associated ships, the Shipowners, managers, all financial entities or other organizations or persons having financial interest in the said Vessel, her charterers, managers, operators and all other persons, firms or corporations having any interest therein or connected therewith. (7) In consideration of the Settlement Proceeds, the Receivers further irrevocably agree to refrain from arresting and/or detaining M.V. AAAAA  or her sister ships or associates ships or any other property in the same ownership or management or control, in connection with the Receiver’s Claims or any claim arising out of or in connection with Bills of Lading bearing number XXXXXXXXXXXX  dated 03.09.2022 or from initiating Suit or any legal proceedings in any jurisdiction in the world. (8) In consideration of the receipt of the Settlement Proceeds, the Receivers further confirm that they will not seek indemnity and/or reimbursement from their cargo insurers which could trigger recovery proceedings against the vessel M.V “AAAAA”, her Owners, managers, all financial entities or other organizations or persons having financial interest in the said Vessel, her charterers, managers, operators and all other persons, firms or corporations having any interest therein or connected therewith; The Parties expressly recognise that the Settlement Proceeds are to be retained by way of commercial settlement and in no way, constitute any admission of liability on behalf of the Parties.(9) The parties shall each bear their own legal costs in relation to this Agreement. (10) The Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes any previous  undertaking, commitment, agreement or oral or written representation whatsoever, in respect of the subject matter hereof. (11) This Settlement Agreement shall be executed in 2 (two) originals, one set for each party, but all the counterparts shall together constitute one and the same instrument.   (12) The Agreement is to be governed by and constructed in accordance with English Law, and any dispute arising hereunder shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English High Court at London.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have each by their duly authorized representatives executed this Agreement on the date first above written: Signed………………………………..For and on behalf of ShipownersName:Designation: Signed……………………………….For and on behalf of Receivers Name:Designation:

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