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BACKLETTER Where a seller/shipper issues a ’letter of indemnity’ in favour of the carrier 

 in exchange for a clean bill of lading  

BAF         Bunker Adjustment Factor. A Fuel Surcharge expressed as a percentage added or  

subtracted from the freight amount, reflecting the movement in the market place price for bunkers.  

BALE        CAP. Cubic capacity of a vessels holds to carry packaged dry cargo such as bales/pallets  

BALLAST     Heavy weight, often sea water, necessary for the stability and safety of a ship which is not

carrying cargo  

BALLAST     BONUS Compensation for relatively long ballast voyage  

BAREBOAT    CHTR. Bareboat Charter - Owners lease a specific ship and control its technical  

management and commercial operations only. Charterers take over all responsibility for the  

operation of the vessel and expenses for the duration.  

BBB         Before Breaking Bulk. Refers to freight payments that must be received before  

discharge of a vessel commences  

BDI         Both Dates Inclusive  

BEAM        The maximum breadth or the greatest width of a ship  

BELOW       Beneath the deck  

BENDS       Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)  

BI          Both Inclusive  

BIMCO       The Baltic and International Maritime Council  

BL          Bale 

B/L         (Bill of Lading) A document signed by the carrier which acts as a Contract of  

Affreightment, a receipt and evidence of title to the cargo.  

BM          Beam  

BN          Booking Note  

BOB         Bunker on Board  

BOFFER      Best Offer  

BOW         The forward part of a ship  

BROB        Bunkers Remaining on Board  

BROKERAGE   Percentage of freight payable to broker (by owners in c/p’s) or applicable to sale or purchase 

BSS         Basis  

BSS 1/1     Basis 1 Port to 1 Port  

BT          Berth Terms  

BULKHEAD    A vertical partition separating compartments 

BUNDLING    This is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one manageable unit. This is  

relevant to items such as Structural Steel, Handrails, Stairways etc. Whilst this is a very flexible 

 description, a rule of thumb is to present cargo at a size easily handled by a large (20 tonne) fork lift.  

BUNKERS     Name given for vessels Fuel and Diesel Oil supplies (Originates from coal bunkers)  

BUOY        An anchored float used for marking a position on the water or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring 

BWAD        Brackish Water Arrival Draft  

CAF         Currency Adjustment Factor. A fee applied to the shipping costs to compensate for 

exchange rate fluctuations.  

CBM         Cubic Metres  

CBFT(or CFT)      Cubic Feet  

CFR(or C&F)       Cost and Freight  

CHART       A map used by navigators  

CHOPT       Charterers Option  

CHTRS       Charterers 

CIF         Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated port or place of discharge. 

CKD         Completely knocked down  

COA         Contract of Affreightment - Owners agree to accept a cost per revenue tonne for cargo carried 

on a specific number of voyages.  

CIP         Carriage and Insurance paid to...  

C.O.        Certificate of Origin - a signed statement from a semiofficial organization certifying the origin  

of an export item, required by certain nations.  

COACP       Contract of Affreightment Charter Party  

COB         Closing of Business  

COBLDN      Closing of Business London  

COD         Cash On Delivery  

COGSA       Carriage of Goods by Sea Act  

CONGESTION Port/berth delays  

CONS        Consumption  

CNEE        CONSIGNEE. Name of agent, company or person receiving consignment  

COP         Custom Of Port  

CP (or C/P) Charter Party  

CPD Charterers      Pay Dues  

CPT         Carriage Paid To  

CQD         Customary Quick Despatch  

CR          Current Rate  

CROB        Cargo Remaining on Board  

CRN         Crane  

CRT         Cargo Retention Clauses, introduced by charterers based on shortage 

of delivered  

cargo because of increased oil prices  

CST         Centistoke  

CTR         Container Fitted  

DA          Disbursement Account  

DAF         Deliver At Frontier  

DAPS        Days all Purposes (Total days for loading & discharging) 

DAMFORDET   Damages for Detention. Penalty if cargo is not ready when ship arrives for  

working (1st day of Laycan). This is not  detention which is charged for ships time  

on delay. If the cargo is ready there is no DAMFORDET.  

DDU         Delivered Duty unpaid.  

DDP         Delivered Duty Paid.  

DECK        A permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part thereof  

DEM         Demurrage (Quay Rent). Money paid by the shipper for the occupying port space  

beyond a specified "Free Time" period.  

DEQ         Delivered Ex Quay  

DES         Delivered Ex Ship  

DESP        Despatch. Time saved, reward for quick turnaround- in dry cargo only  

DET         Detention (See DAMFORDET)  

DEV         Deviation. Vessel departure from specified voyage course  

DFRT        Deadfreight. Space booked by shipper or charterer on a vessel but not used  

DHDATSBE    Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends  

DHDWTSBE    Despatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends  

DISCH       Discharge  

DK          Deck  

DLOSP       Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)  

DO          Diesel Oil  

DOLSP       Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway)  

DOP         Dropping Outward Pilot  

DOT         Department of Transport 

DNRCAOSLONL Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost  

DRAUGHT (or DRAFT) Depth to which a ship is immersed in water. The depth varies  

according to the design of the ship and will be greater or lesser depending not only on the  

weight of the ship and everything on board, but also on the density of the water in which the ship is lying. 

DRK         Derrick  

DUNNAGE     Materials of various types, often timber or matting, placed among the cargo for  

separation, and hence protection from damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes,  

to provide space in which the tynes of a fork lift truck may be inserted.  

DWAT (or DWT) Deadweight. Weight of cargo, stores and water, i.e. the difference between  

lightship and loaded displacement. 






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